VAAST Bikes revamps all packaging in the name of sustainability

By DeanYobbi

BRAIN cover story from last year encourages company ‘to do better.’

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (BRAIN) — Challenge accepted.

Encouraged by a BRAIN cover story from July 2019 about the industry lagging behind other outdoor segments in sustainability, VAAST Bikes revamped all packaging, making it plastic-free and unveiling it in March.

“It’s been on our minds since the inception of the brand in 2018,” said Joey Burke, marketing manager at VAAST. “The team began looking into packaging ideas in spring 2019, but it was not until BRAIN presented a challenge to the bike industry as a whole to do better sustainably that we decided to make this initiative a priority — to send our first shipment of bikes with sustainable packaging.”

VAAST, which also launched last year as the first line of performance bikes using 100% recyclable ALLITE Super Magnesium frames, says it is the first cycling brand to use 100% recyclable fiber-based packaging constructed from recycled products. It also employs Velcro straps, which can be used for other purposes, VAAST said.

An industry sustainability expert who contributed to the BRAIN cover story was encouraged by the news.

“Well, I would need a lot more detail to comment thoughtfully,” said Bryant Bainbridge, former Specialized Bicycle Components …read more

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