Pandemic check-in: Brooklyn Bicycle Company’s Ryan Zagata

By Steve Frothingham

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (BRAIN) — BRAIN’s recent “Pandemic Check-in” Q&A’s have featured executives with large IBD suppliers in Wisconsin, California, and Minnesota. Today we check in with a smaller supplier who is based in one of the pandemic’s hot spots and who is experiencing a major sales boom, with sales up 600% so far this year.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. makes stylish, affordable urban bikes that are sold via IBD showrooms as well as via the company’s website — with all bike sales fulfilled by the brand’s IBD partners. Founder and president Ryan Zagata said urban dwellers are buying up the bikes this year for commuting, transportation and fitness, and he expects solid sales to continue after the pandemic.

Before we talk too much about Brooklyn Bicycle Company, tell me what it’s like operating a business in the epicenter of the virus.

If you’re not in the New York metropolitan area and you’re watching TV, you could very well think that there are bodies in the streets and mass burials in our parks but that’s clearly not the case. For better or worse much of the impact has been localized to specific communities within the city. I know a handful of people who …read more

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