Get to know Team Novo Nordisk’s Nutritionist : Nele Compernol

By teamnovonordisk

  • What is your expertise and educational background?

I did my studies as a dietitian at Odisee Hogeschool (Ghent, 2008-2011). After this, I did a Master in Health Education & Promotion at the University of Ghent (2011-2013). Because I was always interested in sports and diabetes, I followed up with a Postgraduate Diabetes Educator at Vives Hogeschool Bruges (2014-2015) and later the Postgraduate Sports Nutrition at HAN Nijmegen (2015-2016). Two years ago, I did my Postgraduate ISAK level 1 at HAN Nijmegen (2018), so I can do skinfold measurements following the International Standards. I started my own private practice in 2014 and see all kinds of patients (athletes, weight loss, diabetes patients, etc.). Additionally, I work part-time at the Odisee Hogeschool in Ghent as a lector. Two years ago, I started working with Team Novo Nordisk.

  • How did you come to join Team Novo Nordisk?

I was always interested in nutrition and athletes with type 1 diabetes. I began following the team long before I joined the staff. I came to join Team Novo Nordisk when sports dietician Gino Devriendt (who I worked with at my practice) invited Team Novo Nordisk’s Dr. Peter Lagrou to the Belgium Sports Congress in Ghent. During …read more

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