Getting back on the saddle after a long break in 1 week

By Ross Del Duca

Guest Post By Alex Bristol

Getting back on the saddle after a long break in 1 week

Sometimes in life, we just unexpectedly run into situations that put things on hold. Whether that is having to take time off work because of illness/ injury or being stuck indoors because of the latest pandemic, we all find ourselves not being able to jump on the saddle as much as we’d like to.

Luckily, pushing those pedals is almost hardwired into our minds once we’ve learned how to ride properly. It becomes a case of finding the right time, the right motivation and the right mindset to start cycling again.

Unfortunately, as easy as it seems to jump back on the saddle, there are a ton of factors that you need to work on before it’s ‘go-time’.

We’ve created a 7-day criteria for you to follow that allows you to transition from sitting on the couch to racking up the cycle-miles.

Let’s jump into getting you back on the saddle after a long break.

Day 1 – Mentally preparing.

As with anything, planning starts with the mind. It is an important cognitive skill that allows you to mentally anticipate ways to execute tasks. …read more

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