Guest editorial: Some resources for an industry dealing with COVID-19

By Steve Frothingham

By Shawn Small

Shawn Small is the owner of Ruckus Composites, a carbon fiber repair and inspection company. This article was originally published by the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association.

There are hard days ahead for our industry. At the time of year when we should be hiring and growing inventory to get ready for a great year, bike businesses find themselves facing unanswered questions and difficult decisions. Will we be deemed “essential” by our local governments, or will we be forced to close our doors? If we have to close, when can we re-open? And what do we do until then?

If there can be certainty about anything at all, it is this: Our communities need us to succeed. The vast majority of bike-related businesses, from local bike shops to accessory manufacturers to event promoters, are classified as small businesses. We are the uniqueness, character, and culture of our regions. But small businesses are also critically important to our national economy: