Midway Bicycle Supply’s Benita Warns is guest on Diane Jenks’ Outspoken Cyclist podcast

By Steve Frothingham

ST. PAUL, Minn. (BRAIN) — Benita Warns. the co-owner of Midway Bicycle Supply, appears on the newest episode of the Outspoken Cyclist, a podcast hosted by former retailer Diane Jenks.

Midway specializes in sales to very small bike shops, including non-profits and other operations that often can’t get accounts with other distributors. Warns and her husband also operate a nonprofit bike shop of their own. BRAIN wrote about their business last year.

The episode file can be downloaded at wjcu.org/files/audio/shows/outspokencyclist/wjcu-the_outspoken_cyclist_2020-02-01. You can also subscribe via most podcast apps. More information on the Outspoken Cyclist blog.

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