Heather Mason: Build the best team for retail success

By Steve Frothingham

By Heather Mason

Editor’s note: Heather Mason has done nearly everything in the bike industry. The former pro 24-hour racer has been a retailer and national sales manager for a well-known brand. Now she is a bicycle industry advocate, business developer, columnist, and athlete who shares her knowledge, insight and passion with everyone she meets. She is also in charge of eastern U.S. business development for Bianchi Bicycles. BRAIN will be sharing monthly columns from Heather in 2020.

I’ve been dropping into bicycle shops for 20-plus years. I simply love bicycles; the scene and lifestyle. My industry career has allowed me to visit hundreds of shops, all over the U.S.; getting to know owners, managers and staff. In the recent years I have been deepening my visits by staying longer and working with the staff; interacting with customers, wrenching in service, answering the phone and ultimately becoming part of the daily shop routine. I’ve learned that, no matter how pristine your store or how beautifully it flows, regardless if your prices are competitive, or if you have great curb appeal, what matters most is your staff. Your staff members are your game changers, they are the key to everything …read more

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