Legislation over e-bikes and e-scooters in New York remains in limbo

By DeanYobbi

NEW YORK (BRAIN) — Don DiCostanzo has seen e-bike access battles play out successfully in other states and cities, but he’s skeptical a bill pending in New York — which also includes e-scooters — will become law.

“New York City is the only city in the country that’s been anti-electric bike, and that has had an impact on the entire state,” said DiCostanzo, CEO of Pedego Electric Bikes. “For political reasons, certainly not any other reasons, they opted to make it difficult for electric bikes.”

The state legislature approved the e-bike and e-scooter bill in June. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has yet to sign it before the Dec. 31 deadline. The bill would give the three classes of e-bikes the same rights of the road as traditional bicyclists throughout the state and give local municipalities the right to regulate them at their discretion. Currently, only pedal-assist e-bikes are allowed.

The legislation recognizes three classes of e-bikes: pedal-assist and throttle-control with 20 mph maximum speed and throttle-control with 25 mph maximum speed. E-scooters would be capped at 20 mph. Riders would need to be at least 16 years old, and local municipalities would decide if they would be allowed on sidewalks. E-scooters would not …read more

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