Cranksgiving puts cyclists in the giving mood for the holidays

By DeanYobbi

Almost a third of local organizers are bike shops.

SANTA FE, N.M. (BRAIN) — Bill Lane succinctly sums up what’s involved in organizing the nationwide Cranksgiving food drive.

“Managing a movement like this is similar to herding alley cats — albeit charitable alley cats,” said Lane, marketing director of distributor BTI.

BTI became the national organizer in September for the bicycle food drive that started in 1999. With 106 events scheduled in 42 states this year, local organizers team with area charities to form a list of food needs and map out routes to local grocery stores for cyclists to follow and buy food with their own money.

Bicycle messenger Antonio Rodrigues created Cranksgiving as a pure street race, with grocery stores serving as checkpoints.

“Cranksgiving is an open concept,” said Lane, who helped run a Santa Fe Cranksgiving event for 11 years. “Though it’s based off the (bicycle messenger races), it’s easily tailored to fit local ridership. Sure, a few are pure old-school fixed-gear races, but they are in the minority. Many incorporate short routes that are family friendly and long routes for folks that want to go fast/far. Cranksgiving can take any form as long as food is collected and it …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News