Through the Grapevine: Touring the coast

By Steve Frothingham

These are two women that dealers should pay attention to: Wendy Appleby and Diane Runyan. Both are accomplished cyclists. Financially secure. Independent to the core. And riding bikes has been a many-decade joy for both. And it’s not a stretch to say they are evangelists for cycling and now, in their later years, cycling on e-bikes.

Appleby, in her youth, was a world ranked tennis player. Today she is retired from the Oakland, California, police department, where she spent 27 years on the force. At age 67, she retired to Roseville, California, and spends much of her free time riding a Trek Cross Rip+.

Appleby, who played with Billie Jean King back in the early 1970s, comes across — at first — with a no-nonsense “this is the way it is and I’m not taking any guff” attitude, perhaps the result of being a cop for almost three decades. But she is wickedly funny with a sly sense of humor. I liked her immediately.

Runyan, a woman who stands a bit over five feet tall, spent 30 years as a top-level administrator at Pacific, Gas & Electric, better known as PG&E; that’s the much-maligned California utility …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News