Trail Butter expands into cycling nutritionals market

By Steve Frothingham

PORTLAND, Ore. (BRAIN) — Trail Butter, a nut-based, spreadable, all-natural energy snack with a loyal following among endurance runners, is actively expanding into the cycling segment.

Founded by Jeff and Brad Boggess, Trail Butter came into being during Jeff’s global 8,600-mile, 10-month bike tour. With little space available in his panniers, Jeff melded bags and jars of nuts, honey, dried fruit and peanut butter and Trail Butter was born. After setting up shop in Portland shortly thereafter, the Boggess brothers began selling their nut butter by bike at local farmer’s markets. While Trail Butter is now an internationally distributed snack food that was literally conceived on and then distributed by bike, it is still largely unknown in the cycling world with only a handful of bike IBDs currently stock the product.

Jeff Boggess said the product fits recent trends in the bike industry toward adventure touring and long gravel rides and races. “This is the type of riding I was doing when the idea came to me out of necessity. But how to pack and carry your food fuel – an essential part of preparation and survival for rides like the Dirty Kanza – is now about efficiency.”

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Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News