Industry keeping a wary eye on California wildfires

By DeanYobbi

PETALUMA, Calif. (BRAIN) — While 16 wildfires have burned more than 94,000 acres across California this fall, bicycle manufacturing structures have escaped harm so far. But some industry and retail employees have been affected as of Monday.

White Industries, a component manufacturer in Petaluma, posted on its Instagram account on Sunday it would be closed Monday because of the impact evacuations had on staff.

At Incycle, a retail chain with a location in Santa Clarita, California, four employees couldn’t come to work over the weekend and into Monday because of the fires. Manager Lala Mijares said the employees had to evacuate their homes and were sleeping in trailers, with friends and even parking lots. The employees were forced out of their homes over the weekend.

“This fire is worse than last year,” Mijares said of the wildfires that engulfed the state almost exactly a year ago. “This one’s closer to home. One employee is five miles away and was evacuated. We have high winds a lot in the winter, that’s what triggers them. It’s mother nature at that point.”