Ikeono, Lightspeed combine for enhanced point of sale system

By DeanYobbi

NEW YORK (BRAIN) — In today’s world of instant communications, Brett Lang knows the value of prompt customer interaction.

That’s why Lang and his brother, Dru, created Ikeono, a texting and workflow management suite that enhances customer communication. Ikeono partnered with Lightspeed Retail point of sale system when Ikeono went online this year for retailers in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Some of the features of Ikeono include sending and receiving text messages using your business phone without leaving Lightspeed; automated messaging based on a Lightspeed work order status; Lightspeed Special Order integration to make click and collect easier; automated customer feedback loop to drive positive experiences to review sites and to allow quicker response to negative experiences.

“Ikeono is all about streamlining communication and workflow automation for independent retailers of all sizes,” Brett Lang said. “Retailers can now receive near instant approval for service work, notify customers seamlessly through the Lightspeed special order process, and trust that their customers are being followed up with utilizing our personalized automated feedback loop.”

The impetus for a better customer communication vehicle came when Brett managed Tribella Sports Group in Denver.

“The idea came about while I was managing a service-oriented bike shop and experienced the frustration …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News