Not All Diabetes Management Tools Require a Prescription

By teamnovonordisk

There’s no question people with diabetes need a toolbox of resources to manage their condition: blood glucose meters and strips, medication, prescriptions for their medication, hypoglycemia supplies…and the list goes on.

But too often we can focus too much on tools we can hold in our hands and not lean on some of the most impactful resources we might have.

Read below to discover what Team Novo Nordisk Ambassadors and Team Type 1 elite athletes consider to be their most valuable diabetes management tools that do not come from a pharmacy.

Becky Furuta, type 1 diabetes

Cyclist | Colorado

My best tool is my ability to embrace change. I had to get over my perfectionism.

I realized early into my diagnosis that my emotional state was closely aligned with the numbers on my meter. If I wasn’t in range, I was entirely self-critical.I had to learn to see blood glucose measurements as information instead of viewing them as a value judgement. I challenged my “all or nothing” thinking about diabetes, where I was either “doing it right” or “failing.” When I learned that I could bend to the challenges of diabetes and respond to them in the same way I respond to changing conditions in a …read more

Via:: Team Novo Nordisk