TRP enters the drivetrain market with seven-speed gravity derailleur, shifter

By DeanYobbi

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — Tektro Racing Products has moved beyond its brake specialty to release a 1×7-speed drivetrain for gravity bikes, which it revealed last week at Eurobike. The drivetrain was the first of several new products on TRP’s horizon in the next two years.

Designed with input from five-time downhill World Champion Aaron Gwin and his personal mechanic, John Hall, the drivetrain was four years in development at TRP, which is Tektro’s brand for race-quality products. Louis Tsai heads a new production line located in Tektro’s Changhua, Taiwan, main facility.

“Bike parks or downhill and gravity athletes is who this is marketed to,” Lance Larrabee, U.S. managing director, told BRAIN at Eurobike last week. “It’s a way for us to slowly introduce ourselves to drivetrains, and in the next 24 months, we have a lot of neat products coming out.”

TRP will manufacture only a shifter and rear derailleur, allowing riders to select a cassette and chain.

The DH7 Derailleur’s main feature is a locking B-knuckle at the hanger, called the Hall Lock. A lever is integrated into the mount and can be closed and opened. Once closed it is locked to the frame and stabilizes the derailleur in rough conditions. This …read more

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