Five years after launch, 7Mesh is showing it’s more than a jacket brand

By Steve Frothingham

“Filling the parking spots.”

SQUAMISH, British Columbia (BRAIN) — 7Mesh was founded by a crew with years of experience in the technical outdoor apparel market, so a technical cycling rain jacket was a natural centerpiece of its first seasons.

But its founders always had bigger plans for the brand.

“There was a risk that would be perceived as the jacket company,” co-founder and CEO Tyler Jordan told BRAIN. “We knew we knew how to make good outerwear and that we had a lot to learn about what goes on underneath. So we consciously decided to risk being pigeonholed.”

Five years after launch, the company is filling out its product line for 2020 with a complete array of shorts and jerseys for men and women.

“It’s a pretty substantial increase in SKUs,” Jordan said. “Five new shorts for men, five for women, a new hoodie. It’s a big expansion, and now the pieces fill all the spots in the parking lot. Not that we won’t expand more, but all the spots are filled now.”

The line includes road, gravel and mountain bike clothes, including thermal pieces, jackets, vests, over shorts, liners and tights.

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Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News