Positive Spin: Real estate is often key to a successful retail exit

By Steve Frothingham

Second in a series of articles by former retailer David DeKeyser.

Editor’s note: David DeKeyser and his wife Rebecca Cleveland owned and operated The Bike Hub in De Pere, Wisconsin, for nearly 18 years. Last year, they sold the business and real estate to another retailer based in a nearby community. This is the second Positive Spin column by David DeKeyser. The first discussed various retail exit scenarios and made the case that retailers should aim for a high level of profitability, even if retirement is decades away.

So your mind has wandered a time or two about what it might be like to retire, or take a job working 9-5 with benefits and no worries outside of your own tasks and responsibilities, and maybe even make more money. There is an endless list of reasons to make changes in life, as there are people. Don’t get stuck doing something you are mentally over because it’s easier than moving on. Life is too short and besides, being unenthused will rub off eventually on everything you touch. It’s not a failure to want something else; sometimes the bike shop ownership lifestyle loses its luster for even the …read more

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