Helmets and lights remain on list to receive new 10% tariff Sept. 1

By Steve Frothingham

Balance bikes get reprieve until Dec. 15, however.

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — While President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that his administration will delay some tariffs on Chinese imports until Dec. 15, most bicycle products remain on a list subject to increased tariffs Sept. 1.

The items subject to the new 10% tariff in about two weeks include helmets and lights, products previously exempted on safety grounds. Balance bikes, however, will not be subject to the new tariff until Dec. 15.

In the last 15 months, the administration has imposed tariffs on three lists of products from China. There are currently new 25% tariffs in effect on Lists 1, 2, and 3, and there are bike products on each of those lists. List 4 originally contained just about every bike product that wasn’t included on the previous three.

But this week, the administration effectively divided up List 4 into three smaller lists: List 4a includes products that will be subject to a new 10% tariff on Sept. 1; List 4b items will receive the tariff Dec. 15; a third list includes items that have been removed from consideration — that list has yet to be published.

Besides helmets and lights, List 4a includes …read more

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