99Spokes charting new course for bike analysis

By Steve Frothingham

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (BRAIN) — 99Spokes.com co-founder Scott Alexander quickly concedes that entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and large corporations have been building bike product databases at least since the days of CD-ROMs, if not earlier.

“There have been many, many, of them over the years,” said Alexander, whose day job is at a software company. He and two partners began developing 99Spokes, a database of bike models, about three years ago.

So what makes 99Spokes different from its predecessors?

There are really just two factors: the volume of information and the ease of accessing and analyzing it. 99Spokes has a database of detailed information for more than 27,000 bike models, including prices, specs, gear charts, frame geometry for all sizes, photos, and more.

The information goes back several years.

99Spokes built software tools allowing it to quickly scrape the information from brands’ websites, and it’s always adding more.

“Many similar tools have existed over the years, but none have amassed a data set as large or complete as ours,” Alexander said.

The bike specs can be sorted and filtered to compare models and identify alternatives.

A powerful scatter plot tool shows chosen bike models by price and spec relative to other similar options. All the dots on the …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News