Van Raam special-needs cycles exploring untapped potential of North America

By DeanYobbi

WARWICK, R.I. (BRAIN) — Making cycling more inclusive to those with special needs is at the hub of what Van Raam bicycles represents. And with Spinov8 as the North American distributor, Van Raam’s sales focus is becoming decidedly mobile.

Spinov8 became the Dutch company’s distributor in 2016 and established four dealers in North America. During that process, Spinov8 realized the importance of dealers being mobile to showcase the product in a “tow and show” format, said Alison Zack Darrell, Van Raam business development director.

“So, the mobile sales partner idea was born and became our primary focus just this year,” Darrell said. “We see an outstanding opportunity for motivated, self-driven, community-minded individuals to build a business with flexibility and low overhead.”

While targeting rehabilitation hospitals, veterans associations and senior-care communities, Spinov8 recruited a network of sales partners in the U.S. and Canada, Darrell said.

“We are identifying and recruiting a small network of sales partners in key areas … where there is a cultural awareness of inclusion, healthy lifestyles and an active elderly population,” Darrell said.

Van Raam, with its North American distribution center in Warwick, Rhode Island, has three dealers established in the U.S.: All Ability Cycles in Jefferson, Iowa; Bike-On in …read more

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