Demo event software provider adds features after investment from auto industry provider

By Steve Frothingham

PARIS (BRAIN) — Testpass, a French company that provides bike-makers, event-organizers and others with software to manage bike demos, is offering expanded features thanks to an investment from a company that provides similar services to the auto and motorcycle industry.

Antoine Taillefer, a former elite enduro racer, founded Testpass in 2016. Brands including Specialized and Orbea use the system to manage demos through retailers and at events. Events including Sea Otter Europe and Roc d’Azur use Testpass to register riders to register, collect waivers, security deposits and specific bike demo reservations.

Taillefer recently announced a partnership with Egylis, another Paris-based company that offers a variety of business software. He told BRAIN that Egylis took a minority stake in Testpass and is providing technology and resources that improves Testpass’s offerings for the bike market. At Roc d’Azur, billed as the world’s largest mountain bike event, Testpass registered more than 4,000 riders; at Sea Otter Europe the system was used to manage 1,500 demo rides over three days.

The system allows demo riders to register on the web before the event. At the event they can complete their profile and get a badge with a photo. At each brand’s booth, they show the badge …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News