The Olympics of Fixed Gear Racing: Fixed Nations Cup

By Pretty Damned Fast

Fixed Nations Cup is a bi-annual race that brings together the top fixed gear riders from around the world to compete in a series of three events, experimenting with a format beyond the typical closed-circuit criterium. Riders qualified throughout the 2018 season by earning points at a select number of fixed gear criteriums. The top five riders from each country traveled to Dijon to compete in a series of three events: a team time trial, hill climb, and a standard crit.

We asked a few racers to share their experience for the inaugural edition of the event.

Evelyn Gagnon, Team Canada / Shadow Elite Racing
Lynn Kennedy, Team USA / She Wolf Attack Team (SWAT)
Lina Bivainyte, Team Lithuania / Thunder Cats
Ana Puga, Team Mexico

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Via:: Pretty Damned Fast