Consumer Reports pans three helmets as unsafe: from Bontrager, Morpher and Woom

By Steve Frothingham

YONKERS, N.Y. (BRAIN) — Consumer Reports has rated three helmets as unsafe in its latest helmet test editorial package. For varying reasons, the independent, nonprofit member organization said helmets from Bontrager, Morpher and Woom failed its tests and are rated as “Don’t Buy-Safety Risk.”

CR was able to break the buckle on two samples of the Bontrager Ballista MIPS model in its tests. The CR test applies a weight to the helmet straps to tug on the buckle.

Without an intact buckle, “there’s nothing to keep a helmet on your head,” CR’s Peter Anzalone says in the article. Anzalone is senior test project leader for bicycle helmets at CR. “If that happens in a crash, the helmet can become displaced or come off so that if there is any subsequent impact, you’re not protected.”

Trek spokesman Eric Bjorling said the company was unable to replicate the CR test results and “categorically disagrees” with CR’s findings.

Bjorling told BRAIN the helmet model has been on the market for two years, passed multiple certification and independent laboratory tests without a single buckle failure. The helmet also was rated the safest helmet in a Virginia Tech test last year.

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