Carmichael e-bike blog post generates plenty of debate

By DeanYobbi

BREVARD, N.C. (BRAIN) — As a former professional, Chris Carmichael understands the mentality of the competitive cyclist and is well aware of the ire e-bikes spark among some of his brethren. Nevertheless, the CEO of Carmichael Training Systems felt it was time to write about the electric bikes’ positives.

After 37 comments and counting on his June 22 blog post 7 Reasons Analog Cyclists Should Embrace E-bikes Carmichael confidently can say the topic generated the most engagement of all his previous posts.

While most readers agreed with Carmichael, a few didn’t. Negative comments included the position that they’re a symbol of the softening of society; they’re on the same level as mobility scooters; and they’re motorized vehicles and therefore should not be allowed in bike lanes.

“I understand it,” Carmichael told BRAIN. “When someone passes you, especially if you’re a hardcore cyclist, you know they couldn’t do that if they were on a regular bike. It’s an ego adjustment. If anyone wants to put it as anything else, it’s not. It’s just an ego adjustment.”

Of the seven reasons, Carmichael said the most important is it makes cycling more inclusive.

“Getting more people out there on bikes, …read more

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