Novo Nordisk – CDiC/CCD – Taking care into their own hands

By teamnovonordisk

Al-Hasane Diallo (left) during a type 1 peer group meeting at the Enta Diabetes Clinic in Guinea-Conakry.

For a group of young people with type 1 in West Africa, a meeting space becomes a refuge.

Al-Hasane Diallo is speaking, and the young woman beside him is hanging on his every word.

“Like this,” he says, removing a vial of human insulin from its packaging. As he sends the girl to wash her hands before checking her blood sugar, another boy edges closer to listen.

It is a Tuesday morning, and Al-Hasane, who has lived with diabetes for 13 years, is meeting with peers for one of their twice-weekly meetings at the Enta Diabetes Clinic in Conakry, Guinea. Enta opened in 2015, and remains the only stand-alone diabetes clinic in the West African nation. Its open central area and surrounding rooms provide a full set of diabetes services, including annual consultations, eye, foot and cardiovascular screening, education, and meeting spaces. Blood sugar, HbA1c, lipids and other tests are run in a small lab in the back.

Enta is a model facility, providing thousands in the capital region with affordable, accessible diabetes care. The much smaller group of …read more

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