Get To Know TNN: Vassili Davidenko

By teamnovonordisk

Growing up in the Soviet Union, Vassili couldn’t go to a store and buy a bike. Instead, he had to earn it. Team Novo Nordisk’s General Manager grew up in Tbilissi, Georgia, and when he was 13 years old, he had the chance to earn a bike.

The Georgian National Team coach visited Vassili’s school in hopes of discovering the next great cyclist. Vassili immediately envisioned riding the bike around his neighborhood and having the independence that all kids seek from being on two wheels.

But earning the bike didn’t mean he could take it home and ride freely. In the Georgian system, Vassili shared the bike with another young rider.

Soon Vassili joined the Georgian National Team where he trained three times a week with the program. To get to the track for practice, he took a bus and the subway followed by a mile-long walk. While at the practice, he and 150 other kids trained on the cement cycling track and the dirt track.

At 14, he started earning money from the bike and graduated to a 400-meter wood track that was reserved for Georgia’s top cyclists. He continued to progress and raced at the Soviet Junior National Championships when he was …read more

Via:: Team Novo Nordisk