Tariff timeline: How the bike industry got where we are

By Steve Frothingham

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Tariff news is piling up on the industry, making heads swirl from Washington to Long Beach to Boulder, home of several trade groups that are trying to keep track of it all on behalf of the industry (and also home to BRAIN).

To help you, and us, keep track, we have prepared a timeline, below. We suspect we’ll have to keep updating the timeline as things develop. We are also working on a FAQ-style article on tariff issues. If you have a question, shoot it over to BRAIN’s Steve Frothingham at Sfrothingham@bicycleretailer.com.

Pre-existing tariffs

Someone could write a book (and we hear someone is) about the history of tariffs on bikes. Imported complete bikes were subject to a 45% duty in the early 1900s, lowered to 25% in 1913. During the Kennedy administration, the import duty on bikes was 50%. But in recent years most complete bikes have been subject to an 11% tariff, except the rate for most mountain bikes is half that. Before the new Section 301 tariff imposed last year (see below), e-bikes had a 0% tariff.

Bike parts and accessories are generally subject to tariffs between 0% and 10%. The tariff on pedals, for …read more

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