Distributor Midway serves shops, programs overlooked by suppliers

By Steve Frothingham

ST. PAUL, Minn. (BRAIN) — While the rest of the industry battles over market share in the enthusiast market, Midway Bicycle Supply is finding growth providing parts and accessories to nonprofit shops and other programs that serve consumers in need of lower-priced bikes. Those operations, as well as some mobile service and service-only shops, often can’t establish accounts with larger distributors.

Overlooked by many suppliers and those counting bike shops (see related article on the cover), Midway’s wholesale customers are something of a bellwether for the industry: They are often the first to see growth when improved bike infrastructure encourages more bike use.

Midway has a mailing list of about 3,500 unique shops, said Benita Warns, who runs the business with husband Michael.

“The industry as a whole is only focused on one thing: Keep pumping out products that are the newest, latest, greatest. They are all chasing the same customers. There are not that many focused on needs of ordinary people,” Warns said.

Midway, which incorporated in 2013, stocks products from Kenda, KMC, UNO, Co-Union, Wald, Sta-Tru and others. Last year, Midway more than doubled its inventory when it bought the …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News