Is the number of shops shrinking?

By Steve Frothingham

Editor’s note: A version of this piece appeared as a Guest Editorial in the April edition of BRAIN.

As described in a separate BRAIN article, Christopher Georger is “pulling back the kimono,” as he puts it, offering his dealer list of 7,000-plus names to the industry through his company, Georger Data Services. This sheds new light on an accepted reality for a couple decades: That there are fewer than 4,000 bike shops in America, and their numbers are declining.

That’s not to say that the “conventional wisdom” hasn’t been questioned before. I wrote an opinion piece for BRAIN a few years ago repeating the (at the time) 3,950 NBDA retail store number, and got a call from Pat Cunnane of ASI. “Ray, that dealer number is way too low. Talk to Christopher.” I did.

When in the BPSA and 17 member bicycle companies took on the task of addressing a massive quick-release recall in 2016, we had a third party do a merge-purge of the GDS list, the Jay Townley/NBDA list, and a major industry supplier’s list. Based on the results, we mailed recall posters to more than 9,000 locations. Hmmm …

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