Tire makers react after Enve issues warning

By Steve Frothingham

SALEM, Mass. (BRAIN) — Two road tire makers have responded to a safety warning that Enve issued last week about the use of some clinchers on its carbon wheels.

Enve told dealers and registered purchasers of its carbon wheels to avoid certain tires from Vittoria and Challenge. It said it had studied the issue and found that tire models with natural fiber casings and an “open tubular” construction are susceptible to sidewall wear leading to sudden blowouts. In other cases, Enve said, the tires can stretch with use, causing them to come off the rim.

Enve specifically warned against use of the Vittoria Corsa Non-Tubeless tire model, and all Open Tubular Non-Vulcanized Tire models from Challenge. It also said the Specialized S Works 2Bliss 28mm is not compatible with Enve’s hookless rims, including Enve’s G23 and SES 4.5 AR rims.

Other than the Specialized tire’s incompatibility with the hookless rims, Enve’s warning applied to all its carbon rims, not specific models. It also indicated that other wheel makers are seeing similar problems with the tires.

“It is important to note that through this study, we reached out to many dealers as well as other wheel manufacturers to see if their consumers are having …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News