UK power meter maker eyes US market

By Steve Frothingham

PowerSense meters start at about $300 including shop-install.

OXFORD, United Kingdom (BRAIN) — A new power meter brand based here is looking to expand its sales in the U.S. with a crank-based meter that retails for about $300 including installation.

Avio already is selling its PowerSense meters though a handful of retailers in the U.S. who buy direct from the company. Avio hopes to have an agreement with a U.S. distributor by the start of the third quarter this year.

The PowerSense meters look similar to left-crank based power meters from Stages, 4iii and other brands. The difference is that Avio sells the meters without a crank.

Retailers install them on customers’ existing left crank, including most recent Shimano road and mountain bike cranks. The meters sell for $260, with a suggested installation charge of $42. Customers can opt to install the meters themselves, but there’s little incentive because they’ll have to buy an installation kit that costs $42.

Retailers earn margin on the sale and additional revenue from the installation; they can also bundle the installation with other service work, said Mike Daveney, the company’s managing director.

“We’ve seen shops here offer to do other service on the bike, …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News