Inside the Mechanics Box During a WT Race

By teamnovonordisk

What do professional mechanics do during a World Tour stage race? What are the biggest challenges they face to keep the equipment race ready on a daily basis?

Team Novo Nordisk’s head mechanic Jorge Romero gives the lowdown on the how the royal “bike keepers” experienced the inaugural UAE Tour. A tale of sand, grease and the daily grind of fine tuning some of the world’s best bikes to withstand the rigors of racing in the desert.

Describe a typical race day for a Team Novo Nordisk mechanic in the UAE Tour.


In a stage race our number one priority is to make sure we stay healthy and and in good physical condition to do our work. In that sense we make it a priority to have breakfast at a minimum one hour before the riders so we have enough time to go through our own personal rituals of what we want to eat and be ready for the day.

So typically breakfast time is around 6:30am for us mechanics. Afterwards we start our normal routine. We head out to the site the race organizers have allocated to each team and start inflating the tires on the bikes which were all revised the day …read more

Via:: Team Novo Nordisk