Get to Know Our Sponsors: Shimano

By teamnovonordisk

Shimano’s mission statement is founded on the belief that “we are happier and healthier when we are outdoors enjoying the activities we love.”

Shimano Iron Works was founded in Japan in 1921 with a single lathe and a dream. Their quest for perfection and innovation has never wavered. Shimano has always strived to understand global trends and individual customer needs as they explore new markets and this was the pivotal idea that first drew Mr. Yoshizo Shimano to the U.S.

A New Market

In the early 1960’s more than six million bicycles were sold annually in the U.S., with most production done domestically. The dominant U.S. bicycling companies were Schwinn, Murray Ohio and Muffman.

In the spring of 1965, Yoshi landed in the U.S. to set up a sales office that would later become Shimano American Corporation, their first operational headquarters outside of Japan. Yoshi wanted to be close to the influential and fast-growing U.S. market to observe consumer trends and be in touch with manufacturers. The initial office was in New York City with Yoshi and two associates.

The first order of business was to hang a sign that stated the objective of the new organization. The plaque simply read, “We are here …read more

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