No more tweets of VeloReviews posts

You may have noticed that the @JAnotherCyclist twitter feed has been… kinda noisy lately. We’ve got a lot of great content coming through both and And up until now, each and every new post to any of our family of blogs resulted in a new tweet.

Not any more. (Well, not after this one!)rss_logo2In an effort to make everything you see from us more relevant, we’re turning off new post tweets for the website. We will still continue to pump out the great content we’ve got at VeloReviews. In fact we’re getting even more! But from now on the twitter stream will announce only new posts from or It is our firm belief that this will result in a much better user experience for everyone.

For those that would still like up-to-the-minute updates, the RSS feeds for all the sites are still available. And we’ll continue to share posts or updates that we feel are significant enough to warrant a notification.

And speaking of new content… do you run a cycling blog? If not, do you want to? We can help you in both areas. Not only will we host your cycling-related blog absolutely free – with more control than any other free hosting provider out there, we will also help share and promote your existing cycling blog. No matter where that blog is hosted, we can get your content and posts in front of more eyes. It is simple, automatic, and take almost zero effort from you. All the links point back to you and your blog, with full credit and attribution. All we do is share a brief excerpt, maybe an image, to get people to read more. Everyone wins!

So continue to come on by. We’ve got new content daily!

– Ross Del Duca