Cycling Points of Interest on the Web

SM-Logo-ArrayThe cycling world has long been active in social media. The advent of smart phones and social media apps spurred this trend on. Now, directeur sportifs, team mechanics and soigneurs can post updates to fans while the race is still in progress. For those of us with limited (or no) pro cycling racing coverage these tweets, posts and images fill a gap the local cable company refuses to fill. For others, it is a way to keep track of the happenings from wherever we are.

Of course, all these instant updates also pose the risk of spoiling the race for you if you have it recorded and plan to watch it later. If you are in that category, it is a safe bet that you better stay off of Twitter until you watch the race.

There are many now claiming that Twitter has become irrelevant. However, the amount of activity still flowing by would seem to suggest otherwise. While Facebook is deep into the almost inevitable march towards a platform for product commercials, it is still a dynamic source of updates by your favorite team or rider. Instagram offers access to photos within minutes of capture, while /r/bicycle on Reddit continues to be as vibrant (if eccentric) as ever.

Add to that websites and blogs and there is, quite literally, more cycling info online than any one person can consume. There are some standouts however. While the list here is by no means exhaustive, they are all worthy of at least an occasional glance for the cycling web surfer. Of course we must mention our own social media outlets. Since the merger of and we’ve narrowed these down to a single account per service. We’ve got our obligatory Facebook Page, you can follow us on Twitter @JAnotherCyclist, and see images posted from us to Instagram as JAnotherCyclist.

Sources for general information on the bike industry and racing


Advocacy groups

  • People for Bikes: A national level advocacy group from Boulder, CO that hopes to “…make riding better for everyone.” @peopleforbikes (Twitter); Website; Facebook
  • League of American Bicyclists: Another national level advocacy group. @BikeLeague (Twitter); Website; Facebook
  • Orange Cat Racing: Working hard to make local popup racing available to the youth of the greater Sacramento Area. @DeanAlleger (Twitter); Website;


Sources focused on women cyclists

  • Ruth-Anna: “Car-free, non-flying, cargo-bike-riding vegetarian mum of 2. Accidental cycling campaigner.” @bikesandbabies (Twitter)
  • bikeyface: “I have a sense of humor and a bicycle. I exercise both as often as possible. Artist, writer, chocoholic.” @bikeface (Twitter)
  • CycloFemme: A group focused on uniting women cyclists across the country, and globe. @CycloFemme (Twitter); WebsiteFacebook
  • Girl Bike Love: “The hub and soul of women’s cycling.” @GirlBikeLove (Twitter); WebsiteFacebook


Cycling photography and video

  • Veloimages: Professional photography of international pro cycling events. @veloimages (Twitter); WebsiteFacebook; @veloimages (Instagram)
  • TV MOTO Intl: An interesting perspective of cycling from the hard working moto drivers. @TVMIntl (Twitter); WebsiteFacebook
  • Brian Hodes: Hard working photographer for Veloimages  (and all around great guy.)His personal accounts include non-cycling specific photography. @BrianHodes (Twitter); Website


All around, general cycling goodness

  • Cyclelicious: Damn this guy is prolific! @cyclelicious (Twitter); WebsiteFacebook; @cyclelicious (Instagram)
  • BikinginLA (Ted Rogers): A serious look at cycling, focused on the often unforgiving streets of Los Angeles. @bikinginla (Twitter); Website & Blog
  • Squid Bikes: Handcrafted CX bikes made in California. @SquidBikes (Twitter); WebsiteFacebook@squidbikes (Instagram)
  • GHETO CX: “Go.Hard.Every.Time.Out.” A group absolutely serious about ensuring that you enjoy racing by not taking it too seriously. Putting the fun back into racing. @ghetocx (Twitter); Facebook
  • Joan Deitchman: Bad ass endurance cyclist and multiple RAAM participant. @JoanDeitchman (Twitter); Website
  • Emily Kachorek: Because…. homerism :) Emily is co-owner and co-founder of Squid Bikes (above,) and a CX racer for Squid Pro. @EmilyKachorek (Twitter); Facebook