Social engineer nabs bikes from Firefly and Independent Fabrication

BikeMagSocial Engineering. A nice phrase to describe ass holes that use just their words to take stuff from people that they have no right to. And in this story that “stuff” are two very beautiful, very custom bikes.

A story posted by Bicycling Magazine tells of a perpetrator that reached out to Firefly Bicycles and Independent Fabrications posing as an editor of Bicycling Magazine, asking for a couple of specific bikes for a photo shoot.

Industry news outlet Bicycle Retailer and Industry News also picked up the story and actually went to the apparently phony address that the bikes were shipped to.

A woman who answered the door at the house Friday told BRAIN she was a tenant there and didn’t know anything about the bikes. She said investigators have spoken to her about the missing bikes and she volunteered that she had recently been jailed on an unrelated matter that was none of BRAIN’s business. She wouldn’t give her name.

— Phony journalist scams companies out of expensive ‘review’ bikes