Why am I talking about a car?

LeafAbout 5 months ago I got a new car and my choice has had a negative effect on my riding. I was driving a 1999 Ford Contour with automatic nothing. It was transportation and I hated it. Now I have a new Nissan Leaf which is all electric. No gas. No emissions. No guilt from driving it. I charge it mostly at work where there is a solar farm. So again little guilt.

I find myself driving the Leaf on short errands, at least in cold weather, where I have in the past bicycled. But lately I have been turning my thoughts to the health benefits of doing more errands and commuting by bike like I have the last few years.

I did get a trailer hitch on the Leaf and a 2 bike rack, so I can take my commuting bike to my normal starting point, my mountain bike to ride at lunch time, or my road bike to our group rides which are picking up as the weather gets better.

Pedal more,