ASI Claims Roubaix Trademark Does Not Belong to Specialized

The story of Specialized’s legal action against Canadian independent bike show Cafe Roubaix has been well publicized by now. However, according to a post Bicycle Retailer, equipment manufacture Advanced Sports International – owner of the Fuji line of bicycles – is the actual holder of the trademark on Roubaix. Furthermore ASI has indicated that it will allow the Canadian bike shop to continue to operate under their current name, including the shops line of custom wheels.

ASI says it owns the worldwide rights to the Roubaix trademark — it’s had a Fuji Roubaix road bike model in its lineup since 1992 — and has licensed it to Specialized since 2003. ASI’s Pat Cunnane said the company has no problem with retailer Dan Richter using the name on his store, Cafe Roubaix.

Bicycle Retailer

Given the swiftness of the negative reaction to Specialized’s move on social media, it is not surprising that this development has added even more bad press for the US bicycle manufacturer.