Dooring Continues To Get Attention

Cross posted from Just Another Pedaler.

Dooring is a common cause of cycling accidents. The most dramatic is when the cyclist actually runs into a car door that suddenly opens in front of them. But swerving into traffic to avoid the door is also a danger. And speaking of traffic, when a cyclist runs into a door it tends to leave them lying in front of traffic in a position both difficult to see and unexpected by cars.

Given the dangers, various organizations have produced public service announcements to help avoid dooring. This one from

Another video from the Chicago Bike Program is aimed at cyclists and emphasizes staying three feet from parked cars to avoid the door zone.

Currently, NYC has a new program to remind Taxi cab riders to look for cyclists. The program features stickers on cabs and of course a video.

Even Saturday Night Live mentions dooring in their own style. While not the same words you would use in a PSA, this skit was surely seen by more people and at least introduces the issue.

– Pedal Alertly