Ride Report- first good ride post illness

I finally made it out into the world, or at least downtown Beaufort, SC, on a bicycle for more then 2 miles.  A neat little cruiser like ride of 13 miles on my Diamondback Sorrento.

The ride into downtown Beaufort is much longer then it used to be.  I was just a few blocks away, but now I’m 3 miles, but it is an easy 3 miles as Beaufort considers sidewalks as MUPs and allows bicycles to use them as long as we yield to pedestrians.

I rode into town on one of the three roads into Beaufort, Boundary St.  I cut through the courthouse and into my old neighborhood.  Sadly the azaleas had peaked and were dropping their flowers, but the honeysuckle is in full bloom and the smell is that nice, sweet, nectar that permeates the air, making you want to ride slower to smell the flowers.

Feeling much better, I went to a little cafe called Marketplace News.  Originally an internet cafe, it has morphed into a little cafe with sandwiches and drinks along with fast wi-fi.  After lunch I rode into Old Point, where some of the oldest and most historic homes in South Carolina sit.  The common green, which has long been in private hands with ominous “no trespassing” signs, now belongs to the Beaufort County Open Land Trust.

Out of Old Point and over to Pigeon Point.  Now this area is flat, but Pigeon Point Rd. is slightly downhill to the boat ramp, making it fast and a bit fun.  Then I cruised over to an outfitters store, Higher Ground, to get some more electrolyte tablets.  I met my wife across the parking lot, where she had been studying with a few of her friends, loaded the bike up and went home.

I felt great.  No cough, no wheezing, and no other problems.  I plan on more riding tomorrow, but not yet ready for the group still.