Tales from Rental Hell- changing seasons

Doing this job as long as I have, some may say for too long, there is a definite table of seasons we go through toiling as a bike rental shop mechanic.  Being in a tourist destination, there is a logical starting point: high season.

High Tourist Season- Memorial Day through Labor Day: all out, parts to the wall renting, delivering, picking-up, and fast fix three months that some simply call hell.  It is hot every day, all day.  You’re sunburnt, wet, thirsty, tired by lunch, unable to eat lunch, and just plain worn down by the constant barrage of the same questions over and over.  Those questions are hard to answer due to poor management directives, constantly changing businesses, and the fact I don’t live in Hilton Head, as I am just too poor to live there.

Rebuilding season- Labor Day to Christmas:  I spend all day replacing chains and adjusting hubs.  Not really too much to elaborate on.  The days get shorter and colder, but the work demands never change.

Building season- Christmas to Easter:  Time to build new bikes.  Most are beach cruisers.  More time is spent removing packing material then building the bike.  Once the packing material is off, you install the front wheel, handlebar and stem, saddle and post, then pedals.  Inflate the tires and toss the caps.  Our company rents a 7-speed comfort bike, tandems, and adult tricycles that are totally my responsibly to assemble and properly adjust, and with some of the employees we have, adjusting is a constant.

Pollen season- Late February to mid-May: Period of time when trees, grasses, and weeds release pollen in hopes of propagation their respective species.  The bikes all look like crap until someone has the idea to hose them all off, leaving a bigger mess and even more unsightly bikes.  Can’t help the pollen, so deal with it.

Whining season- anytime of the year: Time when aggrieved shop mechanic complaining to a world of somewhat like minded people on a website with a little more then 1000 users and a podcast.