For the love of an old bike

I’m the guy that shows up at the group ride with the old bike. I’ve never had the newest and coolest, and may never have.

My road bike is based around a 1995 Cannondale 2.8 frame, 56 cm, which may be a touch too big. The last remaining OEM specified parts are the rear hub, front wheel, right shifter, and crankset minus the chainrings.

I had to have the rear wheel rebuilt when I wrecked in 2004. The sideways forces on the old rim warped it out beyond any help a spoke wrench and truing stand could fix. I also aquired a set of 32 spoke Shimano 600 hubs that I had laced to a set of Mavic Open Pro rims. Yes, I still run 7-speed.

The original RSX derailluers wore out. The rear had so much play when it was replaced, it wouldn’t hold the chain in on the cog. I replaced both with Shimano 105 (5600) that shifts so crisp I felt I had a new bike.

I replaced the original 26/36/46 chainrings with a bodged together 36/50 on the original triple spider. I shift it with a triple front derailluer. The left shifter was replaced before this modification with a Shimano Tiagra (4500) after I my blood sugar crashed, then I crashed into a ditch. The old RSX shifter wouldn’t move after that. The right/rear shifter is the original OEM RSX brifter.

I replaced the brakes with a Shimano Ultegra set (6600) that the local shop had on sale.

Like most riders, I’ve put my own favorite saddle on it, a Terry somethingorother for men. A set of 44cm handlebars with Specialized Bar Phat tape and Specialized secondary brake levers. The fork is a Nashbar carbon fiber fork that has a 1″ threaded steerer tube with a Nashbar 1″ threaded to 1 1/8″ treadless stem adapter to an 11-81 stem.

My pedal of choice is an older set of Look ARC pedals, not the new Keo models. There is a Planet Bike computer and a Serfas headlight. A Topeak seatbag with a PB taillight sit under the seat with a Topeak Road Morph pump under the top tube.

Tires are Michelins on the RSX/CXP-23 wheels, Ritcheys on the 600/Open Pros.

I take good care of it and have done most of the work on it, the main exception is the wheel building I had done. It rides well enough, shifts crisply, and is genuinely mine.


Latest and not the best pic of my bike in the repair stand just after I prepped it for this spring.

Final upgrades in 2007

Older pic from the wrong side that is a good repsentation of it looks like now.  I did use a downtube shifter for the front for a time after the RSX brifter broke and before I got the Tiagra brifter.