Ride Report- 2/27/11

No mention of work today.

I got out and finally got in a decent road ride for the first time in a while.  The day warmed up to 77° with nary a cloud in the sky.  The old Cannondale I ride sat with a flat front, but instead of changing the tube I swapped on my lighter “race” wheel.  After mending my floor pump, I pumped up the tires and I was ready to roll.

I got my new Specialized Max helmet and Specialized BG shoes, a decent pair of Performance bike shorts and a “Blazing Saddles” (hot sauce, not the Mel Brook’s movie) jersery, reset and tested the cyclcomputer, clipped in, and away I went.

The road leading out of my neighborhood is canopied for the first 2 miles.  I had to cross a busy road, that leads to Parris Island MCRD, to get to a another back road to get to the main road I was to ride on.  The main road is SC 170.  The road was upgraded 8 years ago and bike lanes were added for a 22 miles stretch.

I turned into a headwind.  Not all that fun, but the norm.  Then came the Broad River Bridge.  Despite a high temp of 77, the wind was cold coming off the still cold water.  Off the bridge was Lemon Island, a sparsely populated interior island.  The wind shifted and I now had a tail wind to really pick some speed up.

That tailwind allowed me to power up the Checesse River Bridge in my big ring.  Headed down I made the hard right into a parking lot when the headwind hit me.  I circled under the bridge and took a little break after 45 minutes and 10 miles.

Then was the slog back over the bridge and onto Lemon Island into a headwind.  I didn’t drop off as much as I thought I would.  The road curved and I had a tail to cross wind back over the Broad River  Bridge, which shifted to a tailwind again as I headed back toward Beaufort.  As uneventful as the ride was, I had a tailgater coming to my driveway.  I signaled my left, only to have the car follow me.  The driver was an aunt of my wife’s in a different car.