I want my sport back

I fell in love with cycling watching folks play mental and physical games with each other to be the first to cross lines in the road.  While not particularly fond of “drama” I got some small enjoyment from the human stories behind the riders too.  I’ve taken doping allegations, personality conflicts and shifting alliances in stride and without any real detraction from the sport I love.

Until recently.  Really – Contador riding again without even actually getting a slap on the wrist?  And why am I supposed to care that Lance has retired – again?

I want my drama on the bike.  Suffering riders, folks overcoming impossible odds to beat the rider next to them to the top of the hill, or past the next flag, or across the line.  Sorry – but I’m not going to get too excited about legal maneuverings until we put the lawyers on trainers.  Americans will stick up for Mr Armstrong, the Spaniards will stick up for El Pistollero, Italians will … you get the idea.

Maybe it is just an expression of the crappy media coverage for international cycling here in the states, but when the only televised cycling mentions I get on my TV are about everything but people riding bikes, something is really really wrong.