A “SHOUT OUT” to my local bike shop, “THE BIKE SHOP” in Johnson City, TN

Recently, I ordered a new Specialized Roubaix Comp Rival from “The Bike Shop” in Johnson City, TN.  It will be about 90 days before I can pay it off and take it home….but the shop owner (Terry) was fine with that, and snagged me one of the last bikes in my size left in the country.  Yesterday, I was in the shop buying a chain cleaner and the Terry told me that the bike was in, and pointed it out behind the counter.  They had just taken it out of the box, and were getting ready to put it together.  As I stood there, with I’m sure longing in my eyes…Terry actually offered to let me take the bike home and ride it the next day.  He said that he trusted that I would bring it back to him on Monday.  I WAS BLOWN AWAY!  I didn’t take him up on the offer…..just don’t feel right taking it home until it is actually paid for, but thought this awesome gesture should be recognized.