Basic Bike Maintenance

Our LBS, Wheelcraft Bikes, held a basic bicycle maintenance class tonight and the owner/mechanic Andy did a great job.  About all I know how to do is fix a flat and I learned some things I wasn’t doing right with that either.  Good stuff.

More importantly for me, in my quest to enter and finish a bike race, I talked to Andy after the class and he gave me some contact info for a team that his shop helps sponsor.  They sound like they might be right down my alley as far as catering to a variety of levels of cyclist.  I am going to contact the director to see if I can at least do some training rides with them.

Another thing I talked to Andy about was getting an inexpensive training wheel so I can use that on the trainer and switch out to my current wheel for outdoor riding.  Wear and tear on the rear wheel leading to safety issues is what I am thinking.  He is going to see what he can do for me.

After I got home I put an hour in on the trainer, 128 AHR, 144 Max, 632 Calories, 88 average cadence.  Just wondering to myself if this type of workout is good in the foundation period, where I am right now.  I think getting weight off and building an endurance base is just as important as anything right now.  If anyone reads this and wants to chime in – go right ahead.

I feel pretty excited about the possibility of some others to train with – I am going to email the director right now.