Bicycle Podcasts

I thought I would share a list of the bicycle podcasts I listen to*. This is just one bicycle bloggers opinion, so don’t keep it from sharing yours. I try to mention the sound quality mostly because it is a pet peeve of mine, but also if you want to listen while riding it helps if the volume and clarity are consistent. I don’t listen too loud when I am riding, so good quality keeps me from missing things.

VeloReviews – Hopefully everyone reading this on VeloReviews knows about this one. The podcast is an extension of the web site and offers practical advice for riding, training, and maintaining your bike. Nice style and banter. You can almost always hear what is going on.

Bicycle Radio – covers wide range of topics. I have often discovered new cycling events and causes from this show. Very casual style with lots of banter. You can hear the main people well, but some of the others are hard to hear. They struggle with their phone interviews.

Bike Show – This is an actual radio show in London. There is usually some general news, some about racing but mostly about more ordinary cycling. The interviews are very good, ranging from master frame makers to the new Olympic Velodrome. The sound is good. I want to know how he gets good recordings when interviewing a person while they are both riding bikes in London.

Two Johns – The Two Johns cover international news, local (meaning US with some weight on Ohio and North Carolina) news, and lots of email questions. They can be a little scattered but in an entertaining way. They have improved their sound recently.

The FredCast – Just having the single voice of David Bernstein, gives this podcast a different feel. David has lots of industry connections and that gives him a different perspective. There is lots of racing news but also bicycle industry in general. The shows have lots of information but not too much entertainment.The sound is nearly flawless.

The Spokesmen is a round table discussion with a rotating cast of industry insiders. They have lots of information and passion for almost all aspects of cycling. There is plenty of talk about racing but also general industry and current events related to cycling. David Bernstein of the FredCast is the host most often and the sound quality reflects that. It is almost as good as the FredCast. The multiple people via Skype makes it more challenging but it is still very good.

Velo Club Don Logan is a new podcast from Scotland. The accents are pretty heavy, but I can follow it just fine. They talk about road (mostly racing and some touring) and mountain. Their local news is certainly about Scotland and the UK, but it is still generally interesting. It can give you some good ideas of places to ride if you visit. The sound is a little uneven, but I am hoping a little experience will smooth it out.

WJCU – The Outspoken Cyclist – I just found this one. I haven’t heard enough to give an opinion, but I suspect it is a keeper.

I know there are probably more Podcasts out there, so chime in with your favorites.

* I know this sentence ends in a preposition, but that is the way people talk. It does remind me of a story. Being a former student at Texas A&M I will tell it with an Aggie. You will have to supply your own accents. So am Aggie goes to graduate school at Harvard. On arriving on campus, he asks a student walking by, “Can you tell me where is the library at”? The Harvard student responds “At Harvard, we do not end out sentences with a preposition”. So the Aggie corrects the query “Can you tell me where the library is at, jerk”.