Jan 10 Lunch Links

Collection of cycling related points of interest on the web.  How else should one spend their lunch time?

Seth Rogen appears on ‘Today’ riding a stationary bike.  Today is attempting to encourage their viewers to get into shape – apparently Seth is there as a representative of the hipster crowd.  There is even a reference to Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Speaking of PBR and hipsters – let’s play Bike Polo.  The overall rule is “don’t be a d***
New Orleans rolls out what apparently is their very first striped bike lane.  The result? More folks riding bikes.
The unfortunate death of a descending cyclist marks.  Be careful out there friends.
British boxer Gary Mason was unfortunately also killed in a collision.
There is a National Interscholastic Cycling Association – and they had an awards banquet to honer several high school mountain bikers.
Stella got her groove back – with a bamboo framed child’s push bike.
San Francisco celebrates their first bike partyWait – the first??
Out of the water and on to the road.  Olympic rower Sonia Waddell drops the paddles and the competition to claim a nation title on the bike.
The “pinkos out there that ride bicycles and everything” may be getting the last laugh.  Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford looks to improve bike infrastructure.  Maybe.
Dubai gets bicycle infrastructure improvements.
One hell of a beautiful bike for grass track racing.
Possibly one of the worst cycling ideas ever.
Some folks still can’t comprehend that commuting by bicycle is not necessarily a recreational activity.
“My bike was stolen” is not a viable excuse for stealing another bike.