A Late Night Meandering

The sound of a gentle, unrushed but soaking rain only added to my reasons of why I can’t sleep, right now. Not that I mind the sound – quite the opposite. I love the sound of this type of rain, so much that I couldn’t resist finally getting up to write while listening to it. Why not, right? After all, I’ve been trying to gently lure the angel of sleep to wrap me inside those cherished wings for a couple of hours, now. Hearing all those droplets fall, “pittle” [yes, that’s my own word], and splatter was enough to get me up and out of bed. Why waste all that “awake” time rolling back and forth when I could be putting it to good use? Not only that, it’s been quite a while since I kicked out a blog post. It’s time.

So, here I go.

Alas, the mind is so fruitful, tonight that I’m having a hard time choosing just one topic! Shall I go with the experience of my maiden voyage on my Fat Tire Friend? What about the experience of an 8-mile night hike taken recently lit only by the glow of a full moon? It’s not about the bike…well, actually—like a certain famous book—it really is about the bike. And more. (Alas, you’ll have to read the eventual post to see why.) How about one where I have a bonafide, healthy respect for overweight cyclists? (Yes. Really.) Another idea is my realization of why I’m so dang hot at night after certain exercises/cycling outings (despite frigid temperatures outside and a ceiling fan on above us). [No, it has nothing to do with that “-pause” thing, thanks.] It does tie in with weight loss (or my frustrating lack thereof in ’09 and this year). It just hit me like a pile of bricks why it was so easy in ’08, despite getting ¼ of the miles I churned out this year. If I’m correct, I should see my numbers go down…as long as the temps aren’t too cold or the trails too wet to ride. (Yes, that’s a tease, and I’m sorry. However from the way this particular blog post is starting to shape up, this isn’t the place for that discussion. Not yet.)

Then, there are posts not quite about the bike (and what I probably wouldn’t put up here, since this is a “cycling only” site, except this probably affects most of us in some way). One of those is how we’ve shaved our lives to limit ourselves to the ball and chain of “convenience” – so much so that we drop friends who are “too far away” or restrict ourselves to experiences that fit the “drive-through” lifestyle. As result, we are less fulfilled, and our lives aren’t quite as colorful. What has happened to the mosaic of the lives many of us used to have, even just 5, 10, 15 years ago? Now that I think about it, I bet I could tie this into cycling. Hmm, let me play with that. Who knows, perhaps I will post it here, after all. Then, there’s food. Ha! Think food is boring? Hang around me, my dear. Food is one of the canvases with which I paint. [This keyboard upon which I am rattling my fingers is another.] Yeah, these posts should go on another site, too. Although—here again—food (and one’s experience with it) is a metaphor for life, in general. Explorations, discoveries, epiphanies even, are metaphors for cycling, as well.

Do you see what I mean? What’s more, these ideas for new posts are merely the tip of the iceberg. I told you my mind is fruitful, tonight. No wonder that I couldn’t sleep!

I wish I could press the pause button on the dimension of “Time” and just spend all that I want typing out creation after creation. It’s so quiet in my house. Heck, the world around me is asleep, too. I do my best work when it’s dark, when everyone else is asleep (including most everyone in my time zone…and the ones near me). There’s no worry that someone will cry out to me in need or want. There’s no worry that someone will come to my door or call me. I don’t have to be somewhere. I don’t have to do something. When I’m done, I could just press “play”, again, and resume the night as it should be…in bed, welcoming nourishing sleep.

Then again, just writing about my quandary is nourishing in itself, and I feel a sense of calm, a sense of ease and relaxation returning to my mind. Oh maybe, this post wasn’t really about the bike. Mmmm, no. It really was about the bike.

The bike is the reason I’m awake, right now. The bike is the reason my right-brain has gotten so flipping creative. The bike is the reason why I’ve become brazen enough to share wandering, meandering missives (such as this one) with complete strangers.

Yeah. So really, this post is about the bike. It is about cycling. Plus, the more I pedal, the deeper into the fabric of my being cycling is woven such that I’ve come to realize it has permeated my entire essence. Not that I mind. As long as I can get whatever sleep I need, I don’t mind.

Ah well yes, there is the matter. It’s been another 2 hours since I’ve risen to pour these words off the top of my head, and…I think I’m done, now.

As if to accent this point, even the rain has diminished to a slow, sleep-inducing cadence. [There’s that cycling “weave”, again!]

::Yawn:: … ::stretch:: … ::crack:: …


Oh, wait. What’s that? Do ya’ hear that?

Ahhh…yes. It’s the wings of certain angel coming closer and closer. Finally!

Good night, all.