Bob Roll is Boycotting Vail Colorado: Maybe you should too?

Bob Roll is Boycotting Vail Colorado

Maybe you should too?

Hit and run misdemeanor charge in Vail Colorado means Vail does not want cyclists. Push the Quiznos Pro Challenge to move the race out of Vail!
Bob’s right (and I rarely say that… J).

We cyclists need to boycott Vail. Of all the towns in Colorado, Vail is the most tourists centric. A boycott of Vail during its tourist season
will have an impact. To have a greater impact let the Vail community
know you are boycotting the town. Contact all of the following people.

The Town Manager of Vail is Stan Zemler, Phone: 970-479-2106, E-mail:
Vail Chamber and Business Association works on bringing tourists to Vail and Eagle County. You can leave a message for them at their contact page or 970.477.0075,

Let the Vail media know also. Contact at its contact page and the Vail Daily Newspaper through the editor Don Rogers: (970) 748-2920,

We need to let the Quiznos Pro Challenge know. Joe Moller is the President of Quiznos Pro Challenge. He can be reached at: or (303) 592-3811.

Tell Quiznos the main sponsor of the race. Quiznos can be reached at its contact page here. Select the category other and let them know you won’t be attending the Vail portion of the race.

If you are from out of state, let the state of Colorado know about your boycott. You can contact the Colorado State Tourism Office at its contact page.

Tell each of them the following:

1. You are boycotting the Town of Vail and Eagle County.
2. You are boycotting the Quiznos Pro Challenge if it is in Vail.
3. You are boycotting the Vail and Eagle County because motorists that hit and run cyclists are only charged with misdemeanors.
4. When this is rectified, you will come back to Vail and Eagle County.
5. You are not coming to Vail to Ski, Ride or Cycle.
6. Tell them the reason is the Vail Community obviously encourages an
indifferent attitude against drivers who hit and run cyclists.

We need to put press and pressure on Vail to get them to understand why
people are mad. For a city like Vail, pressure means dollars. Granted
most cyclists don’t have a lot of money to spend at a place where the
beers are $7.00 during happy hour, but one beer not being bought by
enough people makes an impact.
Any complaint letter requires three things. (1.) A good statement of the
issues. (2.) A demand, what do you want. (3.) the most important thing
is who you copy on the letter. In this case, you need to let everyone
know that things need to change, copy everyone. Contact everyone on that
list and tell them you are upset and why.
Even if you had no plans to go to Vail, let people know. Tell them you
won’t watch the Vail portion of the race on TV or the web.

Believe me; once district attorney’s figure out those not charging motorists that hit cyclists may cost their communities money, things might start to change.

For more information on the accident see Hit-and-Run in Vail, Colorado Incites Outrage.

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